Tutoring is great, but it's hard work too

We get it.

It's such a privilege to walk with people as they unlock their unique gifts and talents, and to build a relationship with them over weeks, months and even years. But there's a dark side too. Stress, busyness, loneliness, feeling overwhelmed, being pulled in many different directions, not to mention wondering if everything is suddenly going to fall apart. 

We know because we've lived it for a long time now, and we're passionate about joining you on your own TutorBiz journey.

We're Tim & Lauren Moxey, and we teach singing, guitar & piano. We met while studying music at uni, got married in 2007 and tutoring has been our primary income ever since. We've celebrated the highs, we've struggled through the lows, and we've had to learn everything about running a tutoring business as we went.

We moved into commercial premises in early 2013 and took our student numbers there from 11 on opening day, to over 200. We've employed staff, we've had students land incredible roles in professional productions, we've held over 20 concerts and we've helped students through exams. Life is hectic!

Life doesn't stop because you're tutoring

On top of all we've achieved, in the last 10 years we've gotten married, moved 5 times and had 3 sons (at one point, we had 3 under 5!). We've learnt to make this crazy life work, all while running our own music academy. It's been an amazing ride and we're so proud of what we've achieved. but there have been difficult times and we've made mistakes.

So often we wished that there was somewhere to turn for tutoring-specific support.

You've asked us for help

Over the past couple of years we've increasingly been asked for advice by our colleagues in the music tutoring industry. We realised that tutors in all niches share many common challenges, and so we decided to take our experience and pass it on to others, so that they could also thrive.

To this end we created The Tutor Gurus.

It's for everyone who tutors - whether they teach music, dance, drama, tennis, swimming, crochet, maths, Mandarin, beekeeping or anything else you could imagine! If you tutor, then you'll find this a welcoming community where you can come to be refreshed and equipped, so that you can go out with confidence and continue sharing your skills with the world.

We'd love to have you in our community.

Lauren Moxey

Lauren started her post-school life studying telecommunications engineering. After wending her way through myriad career options, she ended up completing a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Then, feeling like she needed to further develop her music skills, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Piano).

Lauren has over 18 years' experience working in the music industry, including working for a music software & backing tracks wholesaler (before the days of iTunes!), as a music pastor, as a piano tutor in various places, and being a founder & business manager of Sydney Vocal Academy.

A nerd at heart who sees structure and patterns in places where many do not, Lauren is awesome at breaking down business mysteries into simple plans of action for people who just want to do what they are good at - tutor in their instrument / sport / craft / language / area of expertise.

Lauren ran 4 student concerts five days before she was giving birth to the youngest Moxey and even taught piano the day before, so she understands all too well the pressures of balancing family and work life! She's really passionate about supporting others in the tutoring world and helping them to create their own best life.

Lauren Moxey

Since commencing the session with Lauren I have decided to improve my qualifications, put up my fees, update my headshots, start a website, and put on and end of year concert. The session has given me so much more to consider and I came away feeling excited by the possibilities - all with the support of Lauren along the way.

Sam D

Piano with Samantha

Tim Moxey

Tim Moxey

Tim was always going to be a singer. He completed a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Vocals) and realised that performing in the back corner of a pub with sticky carpet at 3am on a Sunday morning didn't sound like much fun, so after marrying his very pretty accompanist he forged a career as a singing teacher, while still performing select gigs to a largely sober audience. He once had a conga line move across the stage while he was mid-song.

In 2013 Tim featured on The Voice Australia, and in 2016 he was on The X-Factor Australia. He recorded full-length albums in 2012 and 2014, maintains a YouTube channel and regularly gigs around Sydney. 

Quite by accident, Tim has emerged as one of Sydney's most sought-after singing teachers. He discovered that he has an incredible knack of getting the best out of a student - bringing them out of their shell (usually with really bad dad jokes), and building their trust so that they are willing to experiment with their voice, accept correction, and discover their own unique sound.

Frustrated by an unregulated industry where anyone can hang out their shingle and call themselves a singing teacher, he has a passion for training & nurturing teachers and encouraging them to become the very best teacher they can be, while still maintaining an active performance career.

Let us look out for you

Tutoring can be a lonely and difficult world to work in, so we're here to help you thrive and be the best you can be, whilst looking after yourself too.

We're your cheer squad, your mentors, your shoulder to cry on, your colleagues at the coffee cart - we're your tribe, and we can't wait to get to know you!

The Tutor Gurus is a brand new service, and we have an amazing vision for how it will develop. Will you grab a cuppa and join us?

One-on-one business coaching for all kinds of tutors
Self-paced courses for every stage of your business
A community of tutors like you helping each other

Clear your head and find your mojo again


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