Creating Your Own Business “Catch-Phrase”

I thought it was time to visit how to go about setting up a music teaching business. It’s time to think about your teaching expertise and philosophy. This is where you refine all those years of your own learning and lessons so that you can work out exactly what you are offering your students. Basically it’s time to figure out your catch-phrase, mantra, mission statement – you name it!

It’s a great idea to write yourself a mission statement. Here are some examples to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. “I am a specialist violin teacher who works with beginner violinists to ensure they receive a solid grounding in technique and aural skills. I encourage and praise my students so that they develop a life-long love of the violin, and so that they develop the confidence to continue their studies for many years.”
  2. “I am an organ teacher who specialises in the organ works of J.S. Bach. My students seek me out because of my expertise. I take pride in passing on my knowledge of Bach to these elite-level students, many of whom will become performers themselves in years to come.”
  3. “I am a guitar teacher who provides theory tuition for singer-songwriters who want to increase the harmonic sophistication of their songs. As an industry professional, I am able to guide them as to the commercial viability of their songwriting.”
  4. “I am a dance teacher who provides students with the skills to safely extend their dancing abilities, whilst ensuring they still have a creative flair with their refined technique.”

Spend some time over the next few days thinking about what exactly you do. It’s really important that you nail this one, as you want to be able to effectively and accurately target potential students. It is also important to know what it is you don’t do, so you don’t risk damaging your professional reputation by offering services you are not equipped to provide.

Happy writing! 

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