Getting Students & Keeping Them for the Long Term

For many tutors, getting students to come and learn at our studio is the easy part. The hard bit is trying to get students to stay. Often it has nothing to do with whether or not students like the classes, but with children having so many commitments (both inside and outside of school) how can we make sure our class is a priority and they stay for the long term? We hope today’s blog will provide you with some answers.

Know your student’s name, know your students
There is nothing more awkward than being called upon or asking a question in class and it is clear the teacher does not know your name. Each child desires to be known in class and as teachers and tutors we should strive to learn the names of each of our students. Usually if the same children attend, it is very easy to remember their name. However, if you have a new student, perhaps say their name each time you address them. It also helps to mark the roll and take note of students who are present and who are absent in each class.

Build a community environment
At the end of the day, if there is a great community students will be more likely to want to return. If students feel included and as though they are free to ask questions and be themselves, free of judgement, this is more likely to make them want to come back. No student wants to go to class feeling as though they are excluded and cannot be themselves for fear of judgement. As teachers and tutors, we believe it is so important to create a positive environment. Some ways you can do this is simply through introducing students via an icebreaker game at the start of term, creating rules together for the class and valuing the rules of inclusivity and respect. 

Make each lesson unique 
In order to keep students engaged, it is important to change up the routine. Everybody needs a change of routine every now and then… at the end of the day, we don’t watch the same tv episode over and over again, we wait for the next one! Therefore with our classes, we should aim to be creative in order to keep our students interested. Of course, there can be the need to keep routine with exams and concerts coming up, so why not try and make the first 10 – 15 minutes different? This will help to keep class fun and unique each time.

It’s all in your facial expressions
Students really do pay attention to your face! It is really important to make sure that you have a smile and that your face is welcoming. For some of us, we aren’t super smiley, but often when working with children this is really encouraging for them, So… turn that frown upside down!

We hope this helps you as you embark on keeping students.

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