How to Practice Self-Care

Ahh self-care. It seems to be something that our society has recently latched on to (and for good reason too!). However, in the world of tutoring, we are often so time poor that we can’t seem to make time for the hour-long bath,  day at the spa, or spending the morning making an organic avocado face mask. Nevertheless, here at The Tutor Gurus we know that we still deserve a bit of self-care as teachers! So without further ado, please enjoy reading some of the specifically crafted suggestions that particularly apply to teachers:

Be kind to yourself 
It sounds so simple, but it is so important to be kind to yourself! One of our favourite ways to do that is through positive affirmation. Seeing as we spend so much time with our students (who are awesome) and not with people who encourage us throughout the day (e.g. a boss or a co-worker), we need to become our own cheerleader. Some of our favourite affirmations we like to repeat internally to ourselves include some from Louise Hay.  Some other simple ways to be kind to yourself include getting into a healthy sleep cycle, fuelling your body with healthy food and having a bath with a delicious scented bath bomb!

Banish the S & F words 
We’ve no doubt heard the ‘S & F’ words – success and failure. Here at The Tutor Gurus we’re big believers in banishing these words altogether. They aren’t helpful in the sense that they label things which may be true – what if a ‘failure’ was really one of the greatest learning curves and the best thing for figuring out how to do something differently? Likewise with success – what if the way you define success was working yourself to the bone but not properly looking after yourself or being mindful of how your body was responding? The use of the terms is frankly dangerous and can pose a risk to our self-esteem, our mentality and even our physical health. Why not try employing terms such as ‘learning curve’ or something that is ‘refined but always moving towards improvement’ – we guarantee it won’t get you down so much!

Nurturing your own soul 
It has been said that nurturing your soul can increase your quality of life, yet in our busy milieu we so rarely ever have time to do the things that make us feel, well, like us again! Yet our soul needs nourishment and nurturing, otherwise all the hurt and stress we feel gets carried within us and projected onto those around us – as a tutor this is definitely not ideal. Comparably, when you nurture your soul, you begin to see the beautiful things within life, and guess what? Your students will no doubt love the tutor that you are too! Some simple ways to easily do this include doing anything you consider to be an enjoyable hobby. If baking’s your thing, why not trial a recipe you’ve been wanting to cook? If you love reading, why not curl up on the couch on a rainy day as you immerse yourself in an intriguing tale? Or maybe if that’s too much effort, just sit peacefully and reflect gratefully on things, meditate or engage in mindfulness. No doubt it will be exactly what you need!

Have a dumping partner 
Society may tell us to put on a brave face and give off a calm exterior. Whilst we agree with this in the teaching area, we are big supporters of letting our guard down with a trusted ‘dumping person’. Having a go-to person that you can share the ups and downs with will help you to let go of negative emotions. This will help us to also do our jobs better, as our minds aren’t clouded with the negative emotions and we can focus on being the best tutors we can. If you can’t seem to find a dumping partner, why not head on over to our Tutor Gurus Closed Facebook Page and have the opportunity to discuss ideas and experiences with people who totally get what it’s like to be in the tutoring business. 

We hope that this blog post has been most beneficial to you in recognising just how important it is to look after yourself.

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