Looking After Yourself: Part 2

Welcome back to our blog series on looking after yourself! In the last blog we looked at the importance of saying no, how a need doesn’t always constitute a calling, never working for free, the importance of having things to look forward to and finally just letting go and going to sleep – even when we are busy! After writing our last blog however, we realised that there are more important ways to look after ourselves… so without further ado! 

Eat well
It goes without saying that we are what we eat. If you continually eat lots of rich, fried, fatty foods, you will constantly feel sluggish and lethargic. Eating is one of the many ways humans absorb energy and the power they need to push through the day. Why not fuel yourself with healthy snacks and meals to keep persevering throughout the busy day? In fact, check out our previous blog ‘Easy food to eat quickly between lessons’ – we’ve added various healthy and delicious (yes, healthy and delicious in the same sentence) snacks you can have on the go when teaching.

Get moving 
As tutors, we can often find ourselves cooped up in the studio all day and as our final student walks out the door we realise that we haven’t moved from our desk chair all day. Research has proven that physical exercise is so important, not only for our bodies but also for our minds. We need a change of scenery and we need to be moving around. Why not take a 30-minute walk or bike ride around the neighbourhood after a long day in the studio? Get those endorphins flowing and you will feel like you’ve done something to mix up your day, other than just sit in the studio all day! 

Look after your health
With such busy schedules and sometimes abnormal working hours, it can be hard to find time to book in with your local GP. But regular checkups are so important to make sure your physical and mental health are in check.  For many of us, we are our main employees and employer (an interesting thought!) and it is so important that we seek help for our concerns rather than letting them snowball into something so much worse than what it originally was! Why not make it a goal of yours this week to book a general checkup with your GP?

Book a massage
You may be thinking “Isn’t that just something we do when we need a bit of pampering?”. You’re not entirely wrong – but massage therapy is also important for helping to target those aches and pains we may get from being in the studio all day. Aside from having time to relax and think about nothing, massages are also beneficial in easing muscle tension, soothing anxiety and depression,  improving sleep and also boosting immunity. So before you second guess booking a massage for a “pamper day”, remind yourself of the often forgotten health benefits too.

Freshen up your wardrobe
Here at Tutor Gurus, we know that fashion isn’t the most important aspect of our business, but we are aware that a few new clothes every now and then can really make you feel a million dollars! In fact, studies have proven that a few new clothes here and there can improve your attitude to work – you might even consider your work to be more important (if you buy new workwear) and you will try harder to attain a level of professionalism. We’re not saying to go out and break the bank, but a few ‘timeless’ items, such as a nice blouse or well-fitted slacks, might just make you feel that much better whilst the quality of your work soars – it’s a win-win! 

So there you have it, a bit of insight and guidance into how to look after yourself. Remember that you are important and deserve to look after yourself! 

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